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We provide a full range of wellness physiotherapy. There are cabinets currents
high frequency oxygen paraffin cocktail, low frequency currents, heat phototherapy, room
manual massage, gynecological and intestinal irrigation rooms, duodenal sounding, electrosleep, bile baths.

But you can get these procedures in almost any hospital. Our main
our unique in composition and healing effect mud has a healing effect. Mud baths not only strengthen the body, but also cure many diseases ..



  1. Myocardial dysfunction on the basis of cardiovascular muscle overvoltage, as well as metabolic, endocrine, toxic or infectious origin with circulatory failure of no higher than 1 degree.

  3. Cardiac sclerosis, myocarditis or atherosclerotic.

  5. Hypertension, I – II cts. phase “A” (according to AL Myasnikov) or the absence of vascular crises and pronounced phenomena of sclerosis of blood vessels of the brain, heart and kidneys.

  7. Hypotonic disease (neurocirculatory dystonia of hypotonic type according to NS Molchakov).

  9. Aterosklyaroz limbs in the absence of ulceration and gangrene of the extremities, as well as disorders of cerebral and coronary circulation (stenokordiya) .Ostatochnye phenomena after phlebitis and thrombophlebitis at the end of acute or subacute effects not earlier than 6 months and after deep phlebitis and thrombophlebitis after 9 months.
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You can feel the beneficial effect of our healing sources.
Drink, take baths, showers and other treatments.
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